Your application process is not complete until LVNS receives your $75.00 (non refundable) application fee. By submitting this application, you are stating your intention to place your child in the LVNS waiting pool of applicants; admission will be based on a variety of factors, including date of application, age and gender of child, ethnic identity of child, sibling priority, current and projected openings at the school, as well as other factors outlined in our mission statement. *We would like to emphasize that sibling priority is NOT a guarantee of admission to ANY of the programs at LVNS and that sibling priority is exclusive and limited to the program that your older child(ren) attended.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to take a Tour? Yes- Tours are required to be admitted. Registrars cross check the Tour Sign Ins.
  • Do I need to fill out a separate applications for Parent and Me and the Preschool? No, it is all on the one application form.
  • When do I hear if my child can get into the Parent and Me?  There are 4 sessions year. The registrar will contact you when they get to you on the waiting list.
  • When do Preschool Admissions start?
    Admissions start the February for the following Fall enrollment.  This process however may not completed till late Spring. Enrollment starts in September but occasionally spots open up during the year if someone moves. We also have room for older children some years.
  • If my child does not get a spot-- will the application roll over to the following year? Yes
  • Should I email if I get a spot and I want to be removed from the waiting list? Yes- please do.
  • Is my application $75 Fee refundable? No-- sorry. This is to limit people who are not serous about wanting to be in our Coop Preschool.  Please read about Coop Life on our website